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Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Sessions & Rates

Wisdom from the horse's mouth

Packages & Rates: Packages & Rates


Meet and Greet with Monte

Come and meet our beautiful Monte and see if Equine Assisted Therapy is for you. Contact Viviane to arrange a free meet and greet and discuss your therapy goals!

$180 per session (ex. GST)

Standard Equine Therapy

Our standard rate for individuals and couples for a 50 minute Equine Assisted Therapy or Equine Assisted Learning session.

Our standard rate applies to all third-party funded sessions regardless of means.


Reduced Fee Sessions

We want to make Equine Therapy available to you. If you face financial constraints but would like to undertake Equine Therapy, we may offer you a reduced rate.

Please contact us to discuss.

Approx. $50 per person

Group Sessions (per person)

We deliver group sessions for a minimum of four participants at $50 per person. Prices may vary depending on the specific content requested.

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